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USA Football Heads Up Certified Coaches

All coaches and assistants must complete yearly concussion training as part of their USA Football Heads Up certification. In addition, all of our coaches have national background checks and sign a code of conduct. The NYFA also encourages and promotes opportunities for our coaches to attend coaching clinics during our off season to improve their coaching abilities and safety knowledge of our young athletes. Our coaches are teachers and role models of your children, and we want to be sure your athlete is in good hands.

Player Safety is our FIRST Priority

Colorado's "Jake Snakenberg Youth Sports Concussion Act" went into effect January 1, 2012. This law, considered one of the most sweeping laws in the nation, is designed to help protect youth athletes from head injuries by requiring concussion awareness training for public and private school coaches, as well as volunteer coaches and managers in organizations like NYFA.

The bill requires that coaches receive education about concussions, that a student athlete is removed from the field of play if a concussion is suspected, and that the student be signed off by a healthcare professional before returning to play.

All NYFA coaches receive their concussion training as part of their annual USA Football Heads Up Football certification. As part of this program, NYFA has implemented a "suspicion of concussion" policy for all NYFA teams:

If a coach or a parent/guardian thinks or has a suspicion that a player may have suffered a concussion, the following must happen: The player shall be immediately removed from any contact, play or exercise. The parent/guardian or coach are to be notified of the possible concussion, and the player may not return to contact, play or practice until the parent/guardian has the player cleared by a doctor to return. Before the player is permitted to participate in any football activities, the head coach must receive (1) a document signed by a medical doctor stating that the player has been cleared to play and what activities the player is able to participate in; and (2) a note signed by the player's parent/guardian requesting that the player be allowed to resume participation. The head coach must submit both documents to a director of NYFA within three days of the player resuming participation, and such documents will be kept in the player’s permanent file.

For CDC provided information on concussions click here

If your child reports any symptoms of concussion, or if you notice the symptoms or signs of concussion yourself, seek medical attention right away.

Player Safety FAQs

What is a concussion?

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